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Emily Luciano with Crystal Love
Feeling Lovely Wearing Crystal Love Body Serum by Emily Luciano
As I am always travelling and spending most of my time on airplanes, it is the best time of the day when I use Crystal Hills body serum called Crystal Love which has such a lovely rose scent that makes my skin so soft! A unique combination of essential oils is conducive to romance, love, and passion, with aphrodisiac properties. I always have loved putting oil on after a shower and this serum really is so perfect!
House of Ramona review
Crystal Hills Organics – Experience Beauty and Luxury by House of Ramona
Crystal Hills is truly a unique luxury company. All of the products are infused with high vibration crystals, have the best quality organic ingredients and are free of toxic ingredients. Crystal Hills’ philosophy is in line with mine in that they believe that what we put on our skin is just as important as what we put in our bodies. I love this so much.


crystal love sugar scrub
The Right Scrub for Your Skin by OCRealSocial
If you are like me, I have very, very sensitive skin all over. Isn’t it hard to find the right scrub for your skin? It was when I attended the Indie Beauty Expo that I met the founder and colleagues who showed me their products, which are crystal and gemstone infused! I have been using the Crystal Love Rose Quartz Sugar Scrub, but waited a few weeks to review it because I was waiting for my skin to start itching, turning red or burning. Well, it never did, so here I am, I finally found a nontoxic sugar scrub that I love.
Indie Beauty Expo review
Crystal Hills Organics was one of the many incredible brands that debuted at the Indie Beauty Expo in LA.
Their crystal and botanical infused products radiate healing energy to deliver impressive results. Certified organic perfection.


Crystal Hills Organics by Asia
Beauty Blogger in Europe, Asia Wolowiec

Crystal Love Body Serum takes care of my skin.
Crystal Hills review by Kate Blanchette
Quebec Blogger and writer,
Kiara Blanchette
These body oils from Crystal Hills organics are infused with actual charged healing crystals. Am I the only one that collects crystals?


The Ivory Diary review on Crystal Hills
So Smooth, by Sara Botton of
The Ivory Diary

I have been on such a beauty kick on my blog these past weeks! I love trying new products and telling you all about them. My newest review is of a body serum from Crystal Hills Organics. It’s a crystal infused, organic oil that can be used as a bath oil, massage oil or even as a moisturizer. I used it after a bath on my face and body to seal in some extra moisture. It’s especially amazing after shaving!
Cybele Says review of Crystal Hills
Crystal Love Body Serum by Cybele Says
I don’t waste my time with body oils that contain fillers like silicones. This one has a lot of great ones like rosehip, coconut, apricot kernel, and rice bran oils.


60tango60 review
Blogger, 60tango60
I literally never leave home without my Crystal Hills Organics oils. And now that they come in travel mini’s it’s easier than ever to bring wherever I go. Even in Hawaii. I’ve been using it as an after sun treatment on my skin but I’ve also been slathering it on my hair as a deep conditioning oil treatment.
Tricia Pain review of Crystal Hills
Blogger, Brand Ambassador and Model, Tricia Pain
Crystal Love Body Serum is the perfect blend of organic oils with a tiny rose quartz stone at the bottom of the bottle! As a Libra I feel as if I take everyone’s energy I come into contact with. Empathy can be draining and this oil has really been helping me lately.
Refined Travellers review of Crystal HillsBody Care Infused with Organic Botanicals and Healing Crystals by The Refined Travellers
Crystal Hills Organics is starting a hot new trend in body care by synergistically blending exquisite flowers, beneficial herbs, and high-vibration crystals. Founder and CEO of Crystal Hills Organics, Andrea Sazwan, says the products are truly unique as their formulas are made by incorporating the active constituents of botanicals as well as the healing energetic traits of crystals.
No tox life review of Crystal HillsIndie Beauty Expo 2017- Clean Beauty is Coming to the Main Stream by No Tox Life
One last brand we loved was Crystal Hills Organics – luxurious oils and bath salts infused with crystals. They created a stunning display covered in jewels and crystals to compliment their line. Each product was 100% natural using only essential oils, natural plant oils, and salts. Gorgeous products to make you feel like a goddess.
Organic Oracle review for Crystal Hills

Crystal Love is heart opening and sensual to the senses by Organic Oracle
I love how Crystal Hills has created a harmonious blend of oils that has a positive physical as well as an emotional effect on the body and mind. Experiencing this product has been nothing short of mystical. I love the way it makes my skin look and feel and the loving energy it evokes in my heart and soul.

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