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Love Potion at Crystal Hills

The Secret Love Potion

  Crystal Love Body Serum . . . the secret love potion. So, what is it? What is so special about this body serum that makes it so popular and our number one seller? Crystal Love is a special creation…

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Crystal Hills Organics

Crystal Hills Open House

                      Andrea has been talking about her Crystal Hills products in development for a long time. I knew that I would enjoy using her products, and I knew that they…

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amethyst crystals


    The beauty of this violet coloured gemstone may enchant us when one considers the significance of amethyst through the ages and cultures. Historically, amethyst was once considered of equal worth to the emerald, diamond or ruby. The ancient…

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crystals at crystal hills organics


One of my true passions is learning about traditional remedies and natural alternatives that complement modern medicine and approaches. I love reading about ancient methods and discovering what past healers may have used. I have read about, studied, and tried crystal therapy,…

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crystal love roses

The Rose in Crystal Love

One of my favourite scents is that of the rose. To me, its scent is intoxicating and alluring. Just conjuring the image of a rose in my mind leads way to thoughts of romance, love, freshness, and exquisite beauty. I knew I…

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  • Thank you to the beautiful Emily Luciano for the #blog post on Crystal Love. "As I am always travelling and spending most of my time on airplanes, it is the best time of the day when I use Crystal Hills body serum called Crystal Love which has such a lovely rose scent that makes my skin so soft! A unique combination of essential oils is conducive to #romance, #love, and #passion, with #aphrodisiac properties. I always have loved putting oil on after a shower and this serum really is so perfect! Sixty thousand rose petals go into one ounce of rose absolute that goes into the serum, making it a truly feminine fragrance. A rose quartz crystal, organic rosehip oil, organic apricot oil and mallow extract unite to provide exceptional soothing and nourishing properties." #repost @emily_luciano 💖 Link in comments.
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